Costantino Bernardi Tomb

Costantino Bernardi Tomb Costantino Bernardi (1870-1921) and Ernestina Baumoarten Bernardi tomb with angel Advertisements

Pietro Ferrari Tomb

Pietro Ferrari Tomb located on the Salita a Serpa bust, festoon and owls wing of the owl of interest: LUGARI Claudio Ruggero (detto Garibaldi) Scalpellino, scultore    

Paul von Hintze

Paul von Hintze (1864-1941) “Adelita or Die Lorelei?”  

Rosa Taddei

Rosa Taddei (1799-1869) Rosa Taddei’s tomb on the Salita a Serpa, the serpentine path to Pincetto lyre symbol   improvisatrice….. Rosa Taddei (August 30, 1799 – March 3, 1869) was an Italian actress and poet. Accademia dell’Arcadia

Tombstone Sneider

Tomba Gnaccarini-Sneider (Filippo Gnaccarini) (Salita a Serpa) map of Verano Prometheus by Gnaccarini

Alice Seelye Rossi

Alice Seelye Rossi (Ohio 1852-Rome 1934) Evangelici area Alice’s father was Dr. Thomas T. (Finette Seelye her mother or step-mother) of Cleveland, OH. as indicated on the Seelye Society website. Dr. Seelye ran the Cleveland Water Cure Establishment (hydrotherapy). Thomas T. Seelye  Alice was the author of “Women of Imperial Italy”, a 20 page pamplet printed in 1937 eulogizing Fascist…