Wing at Vecchio Reparto The Symbolism of Wings

Giuditta Tavani Arquati

The Phrygian Cap   symbols include laurel wreath, Phrygian cap and fascio Giuditta Tavani Arquati (1830 – 1867), patriota. Collocazione: Al Monte, riquadro 42 (Cappella Arciconfraternita) adjacent to the Cappella Arciconfraternita


Pinecones read more about pinecones in Bebina Bunny’s Cabinet of Curiosties ! more

Pietro Ferrari Tomb

Pietro Ferrari Tomb located on the Salita a Serpa bust, festoon and owls wing of the owl of interest: LUGARI Claudio Ruggero (detto Garibaldi) Scalpellino, scultore    

Rocky Cliffs & Rock Formations

“Tessalonicesi IV”, Evangelici arrow indicates coat-of-arms, pyramid tomb in background of Rosa Rubiconi di Menghini and Vincenzo Menghini (maybe parents of Mario Menghini) the base of their tomb is also a coat-of-arms…Pincetto


anchors Anchor and wreath at Pincetto Nuovo


At Verano, it is not unususal to find plastic rosaries left on tombs. Rosaries are prayer beads with a cross thus a manifestation of Catholicism.  However, prayers beads have existed in other cultures for centuries.   Rosa Brasini nata Piersigilli portrait with a rosary used as a frame  (Quadriporticato) note the wings on the sides Rosa was…