Monsters at Verano

winged monster at Piazzale Circolare winged monster at Piazzale Circolare winged monster at Piazzale Circolare winged monster at Piazzale Circolare wings

Giovanni Gianini

Giovanni Gianini (1862-1913), Piazzale Circolare with fallen angel statue others:  Carlo Gianini (1894-1976) and Marcella Silenzi ved. Gianini (1894-1992) . .

Primo Zonca

Primo Zonca This is probably the most famous angel at Verano.  It was sculpted by Giulio Monteverde for Primo Zonca tomb(located at the Quadriportico loggia).

Claretta Petacci

Claretta Petacci Claretta Petacci (1912 – 1945). Collocazione: Ex Evangelici, riquadro 89

Tommaso Minardi

Tommaso Minardi Statue of the painter Tommaso Minardi by Luigi Fontana, Lucio Fontana‘s father note: upper left hand corner, painted vault freemason symbol of square and compass

Cappella Proia

Cappella Proia view of Cappella Proia with the tomb of Medardo Castellani with bronze statue by P.E. Astorri

Salita a Serpa

Salita a Serpa     tomb of Paolino Valperga tomb of Maria Margherita Ciacelli grief and urn symbolism Francesco Massi (1804-1884) Violante Pirani in Massi ivy symbol, cross symbol, cliff symbol, lucerne symbol Giuseppe Prinze Giuseppe Prinze + bust of Virginio Vespignani by Giuseppe Prinze Tomb of Agostino Valentini who sponsored the publication of  the book on…

Pincetto Vecchio

statue for tomb of Marianna Pandiani of interest:Giovanni Pan­diani, scultore + Adelaide Pandiani Maraini

Arrigo Saltini

Arrigo Saltini (Enrico Tadolini) Il Museo atelier Canova Tadolini di Roma

Claudia Muzio

  Claudia Muzio (1889 – 1936), soprano. Collocazione: Vecchio Reparto, riquadro 34     links:  Claudia Muzio + Pietro Canonica Museum map of Verano