Oscar Sosnowski

artista polacco Tomasz Oskar Sosnowski (1810-1886) Google translation of Wikipedia article…. Tomasz Oskar Sosnowski (b. October 12, 1810 in Nowomalinie in Volyn, d. January 27, 1886 in Rome) – Polish sculptor. Son of Stanislaw and Kastyldy. He graduated from High School Krzemieniec. He participated in the November Uprising. In the years 1833-1835 he continued his…

Cypress Trees

cypress trees seen from Monti cypress trees seen from Altopiano Pincetto


hourglass with wings Piazzale Circolare also, upside down torch, grapes and their vines, stained-glass window Altopiano Pincetto Silvio Ferrara Cappella, Piazzale Circolare Bernedetto Castellini and Ida Orsini nata Castellini   Related: ┬áMasonic Hourglass +

Scogliera del Monte

Scogliera…the cemetery cliff. Graves climbing on a hill topped by a chapel. related: ┬áRock of Ages (Christian hymn) Verano Map