Leopoldo Aloisi

Leopoldo Aloisi (1873) and Edwina Salita a Serpa related links:  Bakałowicz, Aloisi ( Aloisi Stefan Bakałowicz, ur. Warszawa 1857, zm. Rzym 1947)…..Gravestone family Aloisi Stefan Bakałowicz (Warsaw 1857- Rome 1947)…Painter, came to Rome as a fellow of the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. He married an Italian Giuseppina Aloisi and he settled in Rome. He…

Manlio Gelsomini

Manlio Gelsomini (1907-1944) medaglia d’oro Salita a Serpa related links:  Manlio Gelsomini + Manlio Gelsomini, medaglia d’oro

Pietro Ferrari Tomb

Pietro Ferrari Tomb located on the Salita a Serpa bust, festoon and owls wing of the owl of interest: LUGARI Claudio Ruggero (detto Garibaldi) Scalpellino, scultore    


Bust at Pincetto Vecchio bust on the Salita a Serpa

Salita a Serpa

Salita a Serpa     tomb of Paolino Valperga tomb of Maria Margherita Ciacelli grief and urn symbolism Francesco Massi (1804-1884) Violante Pirani in Massi ivy symbol, cross symbol, cliff symbol, lucerne symbol Giuseppe Prinze Giuseppe Prinze + bust of Virginio Vespignani by Giuseppe Prinze Tomb of Agostino Valentini who sponsored the publication of  the book on…