Bust at Pincetto Vecchio bust on the Salita a Serpa Advertisements

Filippo Zuccari

Filippo Zuccari at the arches, Pincetto Vecchio Lo stemma del “pan di zucchero” Related:  Palazzo Zuccari in Florence + Palazzetto Zuccari, Roma +

Pincetto Vecchio

statue for tomb of Marianna Pandiani of interest:Giovanni Pan­diani, scultore + Adelaide Pandiani Maraini

Cesare Lucatelli

Cesare Lucatelli was beheaded in 1861 for political reasons Cesare Lucatelli (1823-1861), Pincetto Vecchio Symbols: palm + wreath + drapery Related: LUCATELLI, Cesare + Other: AN EXECUTIONER’S PHOTO ALBUM  VICTORIAN HEADLESS PORTRAITS