Conte Enrico Frankenstein and Countess Anne Frankenstein

Anna Brewster Frankenstein (misspelling on tombstone) Conte Enrico Frankenstein and Countess Ann Frankenstein other:  Frankenstein, Enrico + Villino de Frankenstein + To Marry A Real Count (newspaper article) + FROM the San Francisco Examiner I copy the following article: “So frequent has the exchange of American dollars for European titles become that the public hardly realizes what it…

Walter Audisio

Walter Audisio Walter Audisio (1909 – 1973), partigiano e politico. Collocazione: Zona Ampliamento, riquadro 142 IL PARTIGIANO COMUNISTA WALTER AUDISIO UCCISE MUSSOLINI E CLARETTA PETACCI

Rino Gaetano

Rino Gaetano (1950-1981) Collocazione: Zona Ampliamento, riquadro 119, cappella 6 Rino Gaetano died in a car wreak the early morning hours of June 2 (Festa della Repubblica) 1981 on via Nomentana inbetween the intersections of via Carlo Fea and via XXI Aprile (Rome).