Giovanni Gianini

Giovanni Gianini (1862-1913), Piazzale Circolare with fallen angel statue others:  Carlo Gianini (1894-1976) and Marcella Silenzi ved. Gianini (1894-1992) . .

Primo Zonca

Primo Zonca This is probably the most famous angel at Verano.  It was sculpted by Giulio Monteverde for Primo Zonca tomb(located at the Quadriportico loggia).

Costantino Bernardi Tomb

Costantino Bernardi Tomb Costantino Bernardi (1870-1921) and Ernestina Baumoarten Bernardi tomb with angel

Cingolani Tomb

Cingolani Tomb angel with urn other symbols on tomb: alpha omega and Chi Rho

Tombstone Sneider

Tomba Gnaccarini-Sneider (Filippo Gnaccarini) (Salita a Serpa) map of Verano Prometheus by Gnaccarini


angels angel and trumpet at Cappella Maloura angel at Pirisino Pes Tomb (Reparto Vecchio) angel at Quadriporticato