Conte Enrico Frankenstein and Countess Anne Frankenstein

Anna Frankestein

Anna Brewster Frankenstein (misspelling on tombstone)

the Frankensteins

Conte Enrico Frankenstein and Countess Ann Frankenstein

Verano Monumental Cemetery in Rome

other:  Frankenstein, EnricoVillino de Frankenstein + To Marry A Real Count (newspaper article) + FROM the San Francisco Examiner I copy the following article: “So frequent has the exchange of American dollars for European titles become that the public hardly realizes what it means. The papers chronicle the engagement between the daughter of an American multi-millionaire and the scion of some impoverished, but long-pedigreed, noble house across the water. Pictures of both the young people appear in the larger papers throughout the country, in which pictures the beauty of the girl is generally in vivid contrast with the insignificant appearance of the man”

The Count and Countess Henri de Frankenstein of Rome, Italy, • arrived in New York yesterday. The Countess is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Cullen Brewster of New York + Villino Frankenstein, Roma + HIS TITLE OF “COUNT” DISCREDITED.; De Frankenstein Asked by Russian Minister to Resign All Claim to Nobility + ENGAGED TO COUNT FRANKENSTEIN.; But W.C. Brewster Has Not Yet Consented to His Daughter’s Marriage.

Henry Frankenstein, born. Warsaw 1868, as amended. 1934
Anna Brewster Order. Frankenstein born. 1870, d. 1937

Henry Frankenstein was attaché of the Russian Embassy in Paris. He married the American Anna Brewster. He lived in Rome after the First World War. His only daughter Anna Francis Henry Augustus in 1921 married Enrico Barberini , the Prince of Palestrina.

On 28 March 1894 at New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Annie
Seabury Brewster married Count Henri de Franckenstein who was born
approximately 1870. He later helped colonize Italian Somaliland.

forum:Their daughter, Henriette (1895-1988), married Enrico Urbano, Prince
di Palestrina (1892-1958) of the Barberini family. After the Brewster wedding it was said that he was not actually a Count. Does anyone have access to records which would indicate whether he actually was noble?

Sacchetti-Barberini, Prince Enrico-Urbano of

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