At Verano, it is not unususal to find plastic rosaries left on tombs. Rosaries are prayer beads with a cross thus a manifestation of Catholicism.  However, prayers beads have existed in other cultures for centuries.

A Rosary at Verano


Rosa Piersigilli Brasini's Rosary

Rosa Brasini nata Piersigilli portrait with a rosary used as a frame  (Quadriporticato)

note the wings on the sides

Rosa was the mother of the architect Armando Brasini

Ex-Evangelici Verano

crosses and rosaries at Ex-Evangelici area

rosary at quadriportico b

Angel wearing rosary at Quadriportico

Rosary for Marchionne

Marchionne Rosary, Scogliera del Monte

Rosary at Scogliera del Monte

rosary at Scogliera del Monte

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