Reparto Islamici

musulmani 8 b

Enver Bushati

Mariam Alizadeh

Mariam Alizadeh

Ismail Alizadeh



Khorshid Hassanli

Khorshid Hassanli (1899-1964)

Dilber Hafuz Aga

Dilber Hafuz Aga (1879-1955)


Reparto Islamici


born in Valon, Albania

Samim Dino

Samim Dino (1920-1941)

Samim Dino (Samuele) foto

Family Tree Information re: Samim Dino HERE

Samim’s brother-in-law, Nebil Bey Dino, is also at Verano

Reparto Islamici

Islamic Section of Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome

general view from the road

links: Mussolini e la spada dell’Islam: i rapporti tra il fascismo e il mondo arabo-musulmano + The mysterious object. The image of Islam in Italy in between the two World Wars + Spada dell’islam +

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