Polish Artists

Polish Artists at Verano

Polish artists, Alto Pincetto no. 15

(Antoni Madeyski, Aleksander Gierymski, Jadwiga Bohdanowicz e Wiktor Brodzki)

Restauro della tomba degli artisti polacchi

related links: Silesian threadsEnedina Giordano Sanna +Cimitero del Verano (in Polish) +Cappella Giordano Apostoli (Viktor Brodsky)

Polish Artists at Verano


Roman Postempski

ramp wall

Inscription epitaph commemorating Roman Kostempski.
Roman Postempski born. Parchomówka (Perchonówka) in Ukraine in 1808, died. 1878.
Painter, a participant of the November Uprising, after which he emigrated to France. He painted images of current events, such as .: “Valerian Lukasinski in prison.” Since 1842 he was in Rome, where he created paintings of historical and religious. He was also a well-known portrait painter.
Paul Emilian Postempski born. Rome 1850, as amended. 1926. The doctor, co-founder of the Italian Society of Surgery. He published his works also in Polish, eg. In the “newspaper of Physicians” and “Review of Medicine.” At the end of his life operated
social. He also participated in the First World War.

Polish website with info re:  Poles buried at Verano (in Polish)

The Poles have a reverence, it would seem, for their dead buried outside the homeland. For more Burials at Campo Verano Cemetery in Rome listed on Polish Wikipedia (mainly religious orientated) go HERE.

Wlochy, Rzym, Cmentarz Campo del Verano:

Many many other Poish artists are buried at Verano: Stefan Bakałowicz + Henryk Cieszkowski  and Aleksander Stankiewicz + Zygmunt LipinskiLeopold NowotnyJanina StryjkowskaTeodor Rygierwife of the painter Henry Siemiradzkiego + Tomasz Oskar Sosnowsk +Joanna Styka, daughter of Polish painter Jana Styki +

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